Couple painting and admiring a floral painting

31 Drawing Prompts for May

Drawing provides a wonderful way to express our emotions and ideas through art. This creative activity is available to everyone, and like any other skill, it improves with consistent practice. 

Enhancing your drawing skills is similar to developing any craft—it requires dedication. Daily drawing prompts offer opportunities to explore various techniques, styles, and subjects. Engaging in this routine not only sharpens your abilities but also increases your confidence in your artistic talents.

Additionally, observing your growth over time can be incredibly inspiring and satisfying. 

Choose Your Tools

Before getting started, think about the tools you might want to use, whether you’re a digital artist or prefer the classic pen-and-paper method. 

Whether you enjoy the tactile experience of traditional materials or the versatility of digital tools, your choice of supplies will significantly shape your artistic process. 

Working with Digital Tools

Currently, I use an Apple iPad Air 5th generation paired with an Apple Pencil and the free Sketchbook App available on the Apple Store. 

Although I have previously used Wacom Tablets, I now prefer drawing on iPads.

Regardless of the digital tool you choose, drawing digitally offers many advantages over traditional methods. 

Advantages of Digital Drawing: 

  • Effortlessly undo and redo actions 
  • Versatile tools for achieving various effects 
  • Layering capabilities to add depth to your work 
  • Ability to zoom in for intricate details 
  • Portable digital studio for creating on-the-go 
  • Potential long-term cost savings 
  • Convenient sharing and distribution of finished pieces 
  • Environmentally conscious approach 
  • Customizable workspace to suit your preferences 
  • Seamless integration with other software 

While I personally favor digital drawing over traditional methods, I acknowledge the tactile appeal of working with paper and pencil. Below, I’ve listed the art materials I relied on for many years prior to making the switch to digital. 

Traditional Drawing Experience 

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with a variety of traditional drawing tools. Although I haven’t tried every brand and tool available, I’m pleased to share some that I’ve found to be both reliable and enjoyable.    

Pens & Pencils
Faber-Castell has continually impressed me with its superior quality and widespread availability in various outlets, from art supply and department stores to office supply shops. I particularly admire their consistency. With Faber-Castell, I can always count on the same excellent standard every time.  

When it comes to paper, I favor Strathmore Bristol drawing paper. Its variety of sizes and weights consistently meets my project requirements. Strathmore Bristol paper is commonly available in most art stores, department stores, and office supply retailers. 

An eraser is just as crucial as a pencil, but their quality can vary significantly. Throughout most of my career, I have relied on vinyl dust-free erasers, with Faber-Castell being my top choice. There are many types of erasers out there, so I encourage you to experiment and find what works best for you. Personally, vinyl dust-free erasers have proven to be a reliable and essential tool in most of my projects.   

Additional Tools
Though not mandatory, tools like rulers, angle guides, and compasses can be quite helpful. For those who favor a simpler approach, common items such as book edges and empty jars can serve the same purposes. 

Enhancing Your Drawing Skills

Like any hobby, your drawing abilities improve with regular practice. Daily drawing prompts act as catalysts, encouraging you to try new techniques, styles, and subjects. This consistent practice helps refine your skills and build confidence in your artistic talents. 

Engaging in daily drawing also allows you to track your progress over time, offering both motivation and satisfaction as you see your improvement. 

While drawing every day can sometimes feel monotonous, varying your subjects can keep the activity fresh and meaningful. 

For extra enjoyment, consider documenting your artwork and sharing it on social media. Your creations can inspire other artists to join in, and it’s incredibly rewarding to see your progress over the month. 

I encourage you to keep a regular drawing routine, despite any doubts you may have, and to recognize the distinction between yourself and your artistic creations. While your art may feel very personal, separating your identity from your work is crucial for creating without self-judgment, allowing for greater freedom and growth in your artistic journey. 

Remember, your value is not tied to your art—your work simply reflects your current skill level, which you are improving every day. With this perspective, be kind to yourself, relax, and try to reduce self-criticism. It’s important to acknowledge mistakes but also to remind yourself that you are continuously learning and evolving. 

Embrace the journey, and let’s dive into our 31 daily prompts for May! 

31 Drawing Prompts for the Month of May

Drawing Prompt #1 – Butterfly Surprise (Day 1) 

Let’s kick off this month with something we’ve all seen before. Imagine a serene sunny day, not too bright or hot, with the fresh scent of dew blending into the aroma of blooming flowers and a hint of pollen in the air. Picture yourself looking out the window or taking a morning walk with your dog. As you admire the vibrant green plants and the colorful flowers starting to bloom, you notice one flower in particular with a butterfly gently resting on its petals. Draw the flower you just envisioned, complete with the beautiful butterfly perched on its petals. 

Drawing Prompt #2 – Squirrel on a Fence  (Day 2)

Look over there on that fence—what’s that? Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s just an adorable squirrel, and definitely not a plane. This little critter seems to be holding his lunch, maybe a nut or an acorn. Why not draw this busy squirrel as you imagine him, taking a moment to enjoy a snack in his busy day? 

Drawing Prompt #3 – Ants and Their Ant Hill (Day 3)

Let’s enjoy another day outside, taking in the fresh air and gentle breeze. As we walk together, enjoying the sights and sounds around us, you notice a trail of ants on the ground in a wooded area. Why not follow them and see where they’re headed? As we trace their path, we observe them arriving at their ant hill, carrying leaves and bits of food they’ve scavenged. For today’s drawing prompt, capture the ants marching together, carrying leaves and food back to their ant hill. 

Drawing Prompt #4 – Sunflower Plant (Day 4)

In today’s world, having a garden or a flower patch can be a rare treat. Not everyone has the space, but it’s clear that such lovely bits of nature brighten the day for everyone who visits or sees them. Imagine looking around a flower patch filled with various blooms. For today’s prompt, focus on the beautiful sunflower, with its bright yellow petals and the seeds it produces. This beautiful flower is a wonderful delight and provides edible treats. Draw your own sunflower today and let’s hope it brightens your day. 

Drawing Prompt #5 – Strawberries on the Vine (Day 5)

Summer is just around the corner, or maybe it already feels like it’s here. Imagine scenes of children playing in the streets and people of all ages enjoying their gardens or basking in the warm sunlight. Today, picture children wandering through a garden, thrilled to discover their family’s strawberries beginning to ripen. Draw the strawberries as they hang delicately from the vine.

Drawing Prompt #6 – Rain Puddle and Frog Nearby (Day 6)

“April showers bring May flowers,” as the saying goes. It may not be April anymore, but we still get the occasional gentle rain. Think of one of those days when it’s raining and puddles have formed in your area. A light rain often rejuvenates the environment, bringing out animals in need of a refreshing drink. For today’s prompt, imagine a frog enjoying the rainfall, sitting next to a puddle. Draw the frog as it seems to smile up at the sky, grateful for the rain. 

Drawing Prompt #7 – Birds Building a Nest (Day 7)

With spring behind us and summer here, the air is filled with the cheerful chirping of birds as they gather materials for their nests. This time of year, many birds are busily constructing their homes. For today’s drawing prompt, illustrate two birds working together to carefully build a nest. 

Drawing Prompt #8 – A Walk in the Park (Day 8)

With winter gone and spring showers becoming less frequent, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the wonderful weather. No matter where you live, it might be that ideal time of year—not too hot, not too cold. Today, let’s draw a mother taking her child out in a stroller. She could be on a leisurely walk or perhaps jogging while pushing her child along. 

Drawing Prompt #9 – Basking in the Sun (Day 9)

During the winter months, plant and animal activity often slows down. But as summer approaches, the great outdoors come alive with activity. In many parts of the world, small reptiles are stretching their legs and searching for their next meal. For today’s prompt, draw a little lizard crawling up a large rock. Whether it’s scanning the area for prey or simply basking in the sun, capture this moment in your drawing. 

Drawing Prompt #10 – A Snails Pace (Day 10)

As a new day begins, children of all ages awaken to the sun streaming into their bedrooms. After their morning meal, some yawning, and a bit of light stretching, they venture outside to explore what the day has in store. Consider the activities and curiosities of these children as they interact with the world around them, always eager to learn from observation and exploration. Draw a child crouching down on a sidewalk, gazing intently and curiously at a snail slowly making its way, leaving a trail behind. 

Drawing Prompt #11 – Shelter from the Rain (Day 11) 

On another beautiful day, scattered patches of rain may pass through, bringing a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere along with the fresh scent of the outdoors. Capture the moment of someone standing under a tree branch, taking a brief respite from the rainfall. 

Drawing Prompt #12 – A new Furry Friend (Day 12)

With so many different animals in the world, few are as beloved as dogs. For today’s prompt, let’s focus on the funny, fluffy, and lovable antics of our canine friends. Dogs are different from people in many ways, yet we still understand each other. However, some things dogs do can seem quite amusing to us. Imagine the humorous situation when two dogs meet while out for a walk with their owners. Draw the scene where both dogs are friendly and happily greeting each other by sniffing each other’s faces.

Drawing Prompt #13 – Fun Tricks with a Furry Friend (Day 13)

Do you have a favorite furry friend whom you love teaching tricks? Capture the heartwarming moments and expressions you and your loyal companion share as you introduce them to a new trick. Are they so familiar with your training routines that they anticipate your next move? Or do they eagerly try to figure out this new trick you’re teaching them, with curiosity and joy written all over their face? Draw what you envision.

Drawing Prompt #14 – Quality Time (Day 14)

The tender touch of a loved one has the power to comfort and enrich peaceful moments. The love and bond between family members can be truly remarkable. Today, let’s focus on the heartwarming scene of two sisters spending time together. Imagine an older sister helping her younger sibling brush, braid, or style her hair. Are they getting ready for a special event, or simply enjoying quality time together? Draw whatever comes to mind.

Drawing Prompt #15 – Home Improvement (Day 15)

Summer is here, and people are taking advantage of the good weather to tackle home improvement projects. Imagine a homeowner who has started his day with breakfast and coffee, ready to work on his home. He’s been wanting to replace some old wooden fence boards for a while now. For today’s drawing, depict him sawing the wood, focused and careful as he trims it down to size. Capture the concentration in his gaze as he works. 

Drawing Prompt #16 – Buttered Toast (Day 16)

As the sun rises overhead, birds awaken and chirp brightly in the sunlight. It’s time to prepare breakfast and embark on the day’s plans. Whether you’re crafting an elaborate breakfast spread with towering stacks of pancakes topped with syrup and fruit, or simply enjoying a quick slice of toast before rushing out the door for work, every meal has its own charm. 

For today’s drawing prompt, focus on the simple pleasure of spreading butter on toast. Capture the subtle movements and positioning of your fingers as you hold the butter knife and carefully spread the butter over the toast.

Drawing Prompt #17 – Child Excitedly Eating Birthday Cake (Day 17)

Happy Birthday! Well, maybe it’s not your birthday or mine, but somewhere, someone is celebrating their special day today. Let’s imagine them as a young child, brimming with happiness and excitement as they revel in their birthday festivities. Picture that sweet child eagerly indulging in a fluffy slice of cake at their birthday celebration. Try to capture the moment with their wide-open mouth and eyes gleaming with anticipation, savoring the sugary delight of their birthday treat. Draw what comes to mind. 

Drawing Prompt #18 – A Noisy Nap (Day 18)

Family can be such a precious thing. Sometimes annoying, frustrating, and confusing, but also loving and endearing. With that in mind, let’s capture a slightly comical and sweet moment: Grandpa is fast asleep in his favorite chair, mouth wide open, snoring loudly. Nearby, Grandma tries to relax on a peaceful afternoon. Draw her mild irritation as she looks over at Grandpa, or perhaps she’s smiling, thinking, “You can be so quiet and yet so noisy when you sleep, Grandpa.” Draw what comes to mind. 

Drawing Prompt #19 – A Knightly Adventure (Day 19)

Tales of heroes and heroines from times past often captivate children at bedtime. Let’s draw one of these heroes, whether from our imagination or history. For today’s prompt, illustrate a knight on a strong horse. Are they in full armor, sparkling in the sun? Perhaps they’re holding a sword, spear, or bow, with the horse rearing up on its hind legs. Create an inspiring image that tells a story of adventure and excitement. 

Drawing Prompt #20 – A Golden Moment (Day 20)

There are many wonderful animal companions in this world, both wild and domestic. Today, let’s consider the simple, peaceful goldfish in its little fish bowl. Draw the moment when its owner is feeding it, sprinkling fish food on top of the water. Capture the excitement of the cute goldfish as it eagerly swims to the surface to eat. 

Drawing Prompt #21 -Dirty Dish (Day 21) 

Everyday life includes many mundane tasks, but these can make for interesting drawing prompts. Today, let’s focus on a common chore: washing dishes. Draw someone’s hands carefully cleaning plates, silverware, or even a pot or pan. Are they scrubbing aggressively with a brush, or gently using a soapy rag on a small plate? Capture the details of this routine task. 

Drawing Prompt #22 – A Business as Usual (Day 22)

Work, work, work. For business professionals, time is money, and every moment counts. Picture a businessperson patiently waiting for a train, bus, or taxi in their business attire. While waiting, they make the most of their time by reading on their phone—perhaps news articles, important spreadsheets, or even a cute picture of their pet cat. Draw what you imagine. 

Drawing Prompt #23 – A Family Picnic (Day 23)

It’s the perfect day for a picnic. Imagine stepping outside with a basket full of sandwiches, fruit, and treats, everything planned out perfectly. You’ve chosen the ideal park spot for a family outing. You set out a blanket, and everyone is excited and happy, ready to enjoy a meal together on the picnic blanket. What foods did you bring? Which family members are there? Draw what comes to mind. 

Drawing Prompt #24 – Time to Play (Day 24)

The day is sunny and the grass is green, there is joy in the air as you see children running around chasing a soccer ball playing an impromptu game of soccer with friends. Their smiles are ear to ear as they compete with each other in a joyful moment competition. Draw what comes to mind as you visualize these children at play. 

Drawing Prompt #25 – Prowling at Play (Day 25)

Our adorable feline companions are always a source of fascination. Picture a lovable house cat prowling around, focused intently on one of its toys. Its body is low to the ground, attention fixed, muscles in its back legs ready to spring into action and pounce on its favorite toy. Draw this moment as you see it in your mind’s eye. 

Drawing Prompt #26 – Sour Time (Day 26)

Food can bring joy, but it can also lead to moments of shock and disgust that are quite comical. Imagine someone taking a big gulp of milk straight from the jug in their refrigerator, only to realize it’s spoiled. Their nose wrinkles, cheeks bulge, and they desperately try not to spit it out all over the kitchen. Capture this humorous moment in today’s drawing prompt. Draw the comical expression of shock on the person’s face. 

Drawing Prompt #27 – Morning Exercise (Day 27)

It’s early morning, and the sun is just rising over the horizon. The air is crisp, and the birds are chirping happily. Imagine someone kneeling to adjust their shoes, tying their shoelaces snugly. As they stand up, they adjust their headphones or earbuds to listen to some music, getting ready for their morning run. Draw this moment as the individual prepares to start their morning jog. 

Drawing Prompt #28 – Hot Day Water Fun (Day 28)

Few things are as delightful as playing in water on a hot summer day. Whether at the beach, in a backyard, or at a friend’s house, there’s pure joy in the experience. For today’s prompt, envision a group of children playing on an outdoor water slide. Draw them smiling with glee as they play in the cool, refreshing water on this hot summer day.

Drawing Prompt #29 – Precious Companionship (Day 29)

Today, let’s explore the tender bond between a young child and their beloved pet. Picture a child sitting comfortably in a chair, their legs together, hands resting gently in their lap, cupping or holding their cherished companion—a small gerbil. The pet peacefully falls asleep in the trust of its young owner’s hands. Capture this special moment in today’s drawing prompt. 

Drawing Prompt #30 – Crossing the Tracks (Day 30)

Choo choo! It’s time to draw a train today. Picture a street in a quiet neighborhood with a train intersection. Visualize the safety barriers coming down to block vehicles as the train passes, ensuring the safety of drivers. Is it a modern, sleek train, a sturdy cargo train, or perhaps an older historic model? Draw whatever comes to mind as the train travels past the intersection. 

Drawing Prompt #31 – Accidental Cuteness (Day 31)

Children can be so adorable, especially toddlers, so sweat and slightly clumsy, with good intentions. They desire to be mature and take care of things for themselves, feeding themselves holding their own cups and helping around the house when possible. Imagine one of these cute children who has just accidentally spilled juice on their shirt. Their little head looking down on their shirt as their hands still hold the cup in hand. Capture this cute moment for this final drawing prompt of this month.

Closing Reflections and Encouragement

As we reach the end of our journey through the 31 days of daily drawing in May, take a moment to consider your development. With each drawing prompt, your skills have flourished. 

Through your commitment, you’ve not only polished your drawing abilities but also enriched your creative reservoir. Your progress is measurable, with each prompt offering a fresh outlet for self-expression. 

Keep in mind that drawing isn’t limited to just one month; it can bring joy year-round. These drawing prompts can act as a constant source of inspiration for your future artistic pursuits. Therefore, keep nurturing your artistic talent and allow your creativity to flow unrestricted. 

Happy drawing!