Drawing Prompts for January

Drawing Prompts for January 2024

Drawing is a delightful and adaptable form of art, perfect for conveying your personal visions, emotions, and ideas. As the new year unfolds, it presents an excellent opportunity to embrace or enhance your drawing skills, setting a resolution to evolve your artistry throughout the year.

Imagine the progress you could make by December!

Daily practice is a powerful tool in this journey, so in this article, we’ll discuss the tools of the trade, explore the benefits of consistent practice, and start off the new year with 31 inspiring winter-themed drawing prompts for the month of January.

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Choose Your Path 

Whether you enjoy the feel of traditional paper and pencil or are exploring the digital side, the materials you select can significantly impact your artistic journey. 

Drawing Digitally

I’m currently using an Apple iPad Air 5th generation with an Apple Pencil and the free Sketchbook App from the Apple Store.

I’ve tried Wacom Tablets before, but I’ve found drawing on iPads to be much more preferable.

No matter which digital tool you choose, drawing digitally has many advantages over traditional methods. 

Benefits of Digital Drawing: 

  • Easily undo and redo actions 
  • Tool versatility for various effects 
  • Layering capabilities for depth 
  • Zoom in for detailed work 
  • Portable digital setup 
  • Cost-effective in the long run 
  • Simple sharing and distribution 
  • Environmentally friendly approach 
  • Customize your workspace 
  • Seamless integration with other software 

Personally, I lean towards digital drawing over traditional methods, but it’s worth acknowledging the tactile advantages of using simple paper and pencil. 

Below, I’ve listed the art materials I depended on for many years before switching to digital. 

Drawing Traditionally

While exploring both traditional and digital art, I’ve had the pleasure of experimenting with a diverse range of tools. I haven’t tried every brand and type out there, but I can certainly share a few favorites based on my artistic experience. 

Pens & Pencils
Faber Castell has consistently impressed me with their quality and wide availability in art supply stores. 

When it comes to paper, my top pick is Strathmore Bristol drawing paper. It comes in various sizes and weights, making it versatile enough to meet different project requirements. 

The eraser is just as important as the pencil, and just like with anything else, not all erasers are created equally. For most of my career, I’ve used vinyl dust-free erasers with Faber-Castell being my brand of choice.

Extra Equipment
Although not necessary, items such as rulers, corner instruments, and compasses can prove invaluable. However, if you prefer simplicity, everyday objects like book edges and empty jars can play the role of their more official counterparts.

Advantages of Drawing Every Day 

Similar to any hobby, drawing gets better with consistent practice.

Daily drawing prompts open the door to exploring various techniques, styles, and subjects. This ongoing practice refines your abilities and boosts your confidence in your artistic talents. 

Additionally, engaging in daily drawing allows you to carefully monitor your progress over time. Watching your skills evolve can be incredibly motivating and satisfying. 

But while drawing every day is an excellent way to enhance your artistic skills, it may sometimes feel monotonous. So by breaking down this routine into monthly themes, the task becomes more enjoyable and meaningful. 

Another great way to make this practice more enjoyable and meaningful is to capture a snapshot of your artwork and share it on social media. Not only might this inspire other artists to join in, but it can also be gratifying to witness your progress throughout the months.

I also challenge you to create art consistently, regardless of your feelings towards it, while also separating your identity from the work you produce.

Remember, you are not defined by your art—your artwork is merely a reflection of the skills you are diligently improving every day, a commendable endeavor. 

So with that, let’s dive into the 31 daily winter-themed prompts designed for January! These prompts aim to spark creativity in your daily drawing routine while embracing the spirit and excitement of the beginning of a new year.

31 Drawing Prompts for the Month of January

Drawing Prompt #1 – Draw a Polar Bear swimming in water (Day 1) 

The polar bear, a majestic creature of the Arctic, presents a compelling challenge for any artist. Its stark white fur against the contrasting cold, often blue-tinged background, requires careful attention to shading and texture. Drawing a polar bear not only helps in mastering the art of white on white, which is crucial for understanding value and tone, but also offers an opportunity to capture the bear’s powerful yet graceful form. From its dense fur to its expressive eyes, each element of the polar bear brings a chance to explore and develop your skills in realism and wildlife art, making it an enriching subject for your first drawing prompt of the year.

Drawing Prompt #2 – Cream Puff (Day 2)

A cream puff is a delightful subject for drawing, offering a mix of soft, delicate textures and intricate details. Its irregular, puffed shape and the contrast between the dusted powdered sugar and the smooth, creamy filling create an interesting challenge for capturing shadow and light. Drawing a cream puff encourages you to explore the subtleties of texture and form, making it an excellent practice in observing and rendering the delectable intricacies found in everyday objects. Whether you’re a beginner looking to practice shapes and shading or an advanced artist focusing on fine details, the humble cream puff is a sweet choice day 2 of January.

Drawing Prompt #3 – Draw a Can or Bottle of Soda (Day 3)

Drawing a can or bottle of soda can serve as a bubbly challenge, brimming with reflections, transparency, and effervescence. The sleek cylindrical shape of the bottle or can, combined with the reflective surface and the play of light through the liquid, requires a keen eye for detail and understanding of light and shadow. Capturing the carbonated texture of the drink, especially if in a glass, can be a delightful exercise in depicting movement and consistency. Whether it’s the branding on the container or the fizzing bubbles rising to the top, illustrating soda can sharpen your skills in rendering various materials and textures, making it a refreshing and effervescent subject for your drawing endeavors.

Drawing Prompt #4 – Spaghetti! (Day 4)

Drawing spaghetti offers a unique twist on linear perspective and texture. As you capture the long, tangled noodles, you’re invited to explore the fluidity and rhythm of lines. The challenge lies in portraying the glossy sheen of the sauce and the subtle shadows between each strand, which can deepen your understanding of volume and layering. Spaghetti also allows for playful composition, whether it’s a heaping plateful or a single twirled forkful. This prompt will not only improve your ability to render different textures and forms but also enhance your skill in creating a dynamic, appetizing visual that almost smells as good as it looks.

Drawing Prompt #5 – The Splendid Cardinal (Day 5)

The Northern Cardinal, with its brilliant red plumage (males) or more subtle muted brown (females), offers a vivid splash of life against the stark winter landscapes of January. Drawing this iconic bird challenges you to capture the intensity of its feathers, the sharp contrast between the male’s vibrant red and the female’s softer, brownish-red tones, and the distinct black mask around the beak. The cardinal’s poised, yet alert posture and its rounded body shape provide an excellent opportunity to practice creating lifelike, dynamic avian forms. As you sketch this beloved bird, you’ll not only refine your skills in color and texture but also pay homage to a quintessential symbol of beauty and resilience in the cold winter months.

Drawing Prompt #6 – Draw a Fur-Buddy (Day 6)

Day 6 invites you to draw your pet or a favorite furry companion, a heartwarming subject that adds a personal touch to your art. Whether it’s the soft fur of a dog, the sleek coat of a cat, or the delicate feathers of a bird, capturing your pet challenges you to convey the unique textures and expressions that make them so beloved. This exercise is not just about replicating their appearance but also about capturing their spirit and personality. Observe the way light plays on their fur, the particular tilt of their head, or their typical pose. This prompt is a wonderful way to immortalize your bond and improve your skills in realism and emotional expression, making your drawing as unique and special as your furry friend itself.

Drawing Prompt #7 – Bobble the Bobblehead Celebration (Day 7)

Day 7’s prompt to draw a bobblehead brings a whimsical and playful element to your art journey. This quirky subject matter challenges you to capture the exaggerated proportions and features characteristic of bobbleheads, while also conveying the material’s sheen and the distinct, springy movement. Whether you choose a famous figure, athlete, or a fictional character, focusing on the oversized head, often with a humorous expression, allows for exploration in caricature and stylization. Additionally, illustrating the bobblehead’s typically smooth and glossy surface can further refine your skills in rendering different textures and reflections, making it a fun yet educational subject for your drawing repertoire.

Drawing Prompt #8 – Fun Bath Time (Day 8)

Day 8’s prompt, “Fun Bath Time,” dives into a playful and intimate setting. Drawing a bath time scene invites you to capture the interaction of water with various surfaces, from the soft bubbles to the reflective sheen of wet tiles or bath toys. This subject allows you to explore different textures such as the frothiness of soap, the smoothness of porcelain, and the transparency of water droplets. You might include joyful splashes, floating rubber ducks, or the tranquility of a warm, steamy atmosphere. This prompt not only enhances your ability to portray water and its effects but also encourages a depiction of movement and serenity, making it a delightful and soothing scene to sketch.

Drawing Prompt #9 – Hot Air Balloons (Day 9)

Day 9’s prompt of hot air balloons offers a chance to soar into the realm of vibrant colors and graceful forms. As you sketch these gentle giants of the sky, focus on the bulbous shape and the intricate patterns that adorn the balloon’s fabric. The variety of designs and the play of light as they float against the sky provide an excellent study in color, perspective, and volume. Capturing the balloon’s basket requires attention to structure and texture, while the surrounding landscape adds context and depth. This prompt not only challenges your ability to render complex shapes and patterns but also invites you to create a composition filled with a sense of adventure and tranquility.

Drawing Prompt #10 – The Majestic Bald Eagle Splendor (Day 10)

Day 10 brings you back to the avian world with the majestic eagle, marking your second bird drawing after the vibrant cardinal. In contrast to the smaller, more delicate cardinal, the eagle presents a grandeur with its broad wingspan, powerful beak, and fierce expression. As you sketch this symbol of freedom, focus on the eagle’s imposing presence, its detailed feather patterns, and the intense gaze of its eyes. The texture of the feathers, especially in the wing and tail areas, provides a different challenge compared to the smoothness of the cardinal’s. Drawing an eagle will enhance your skills in portraying scale, power, and the subtle nuances of bird anatomy, making for a striking and dynamic addition to your collection of sketches.

Drawing Prompt #11 – Cultural Treasures (Day 11) 

Embark on a visual exploration of your roots with the theme of heritage. While history may carry both triumphs and challenges, the rich tapestry of our cultural past unveils a fascinating journey of discovery. Delve into the cherished elements that define your unique identity and draw an embodiment of one aspect or facet of your cultural heritage that holds a special place in your heart. Whether it’s a symbol, tradition, or artifact, let your artistic expression narrate the story of your heritage, capturing the essence of what makes you who you are. This prompts you to celebrate the beauty and significance of your cultural treasures through the lens of your creative interpretation. 

Drawing Prompt #12 – Culinary Delight (Day 12)

Embark on a mouthwatering artistic journey centered around the aromatic and flavorful world of curry. Just like any delicious dish, curry has a diverse and enticing history, making it a perfect subject for your creative exploration. Draw an iconic representation of curry that captures its visual appeal and the essence of the dish that tantalizes your taste buds. Whether it’s a steaming bowl of curry, the colorful array of spices, or the alluring presentation on a plate, let your artistic rendition celebrate the sheer delight of this culinary creation. Bring out the vibrant hues, intricate textures, and savory details that make curry a feast for the senses. 

Drawing Prompt #13 – Winter Wonderland (Day 13)

Embrace the wintry charm with this delightful prompt focused on the enchantment of snow days. In many parts of the world, the cold weather continues to blanket landscapes in a pristine layer of snow. Immerse yourself in the joyous scenes of children and families partaking in the thrill of sledding down snow-covered hills. Your artistic task is to capture the spirited essence of this winter wonderland. Illustrate the laughter, the dynamic movements on sleds, and the joyous camaraderie shared amid the frosty beauty. Whether it’s a scene of exhilarating descents or the creation of snow angels, let your drawing evoke the magic and merriment of a snowy day. 

Drawing Prompt #14 – Paws and Attire (Day 14)

Unleash your creative flair with this charming prompt dedicated to our furry companions. Whether you delight in dressing up your pets in adorable outfits or simply enjoy pampering them with a soothing bath and a splash of color, let your artistic imagination run wild. Draw your beloved pet adorned in a delightful ensemble, showcasing their unique personality and the joy they bring to your life. Capture the essence of their charming fashion moment, be it a cozy sweater, a stylish bowtie, or a whimsical accessory that reflects their individuality. Let your drawing convey the love and warmth that comes from sharing life’s delightful moments with your cherished animal companion. 

Drawing Prompt #15 – Hat Elegance (Day 15)

Infuse your artwork with a touch of sophistication in this prompt dedicated to the allure of hats. Whether you have a beloved favorite or envision a fanciful design of your own, let your creativity blossom. Sketch your preferred hat with intricate details, capturing its unique style and the personal touch it lends to your appearance. Alternatively, unleash your imagination and design a whimsical hat, exploring various shapes, textures, and adornments. This prompt invites you to delve into the realm of hat elegance, where each stroke accentuates the refinement or playfulness of your chosen headwear. Embrace the artistry of hats and let your drawing become a stylish reflection of the headpieces that add character and flair to your distinctive fashion expression. 

Drawing Prompt #16 – Spicy Sensations (Day 16)

Add a touch of artistic spice to your day with this flavorful prompt! Whether you revel in the heat of your favorite fiery dish or prefer milder tastes, let your creativity simmer. Sketch a scene of yourself savoring the intensity of your preferred spicy cuisine, capturing the lively enjoyment it brings to your palate. Alternatively, create a comical portrayal of yourself or a friend in amusing shock after experiencing the fiery kick of spicy food. Have fun with your drawing, infusing it with the lively spirit of culinary adventures. 

Drawing Prompt #17 – Sibling Synergy (Day 17)

Illustrate the heartening dynamics of sibling relationships with this prompt dedicated to collaborative moments. Depict two or more siblings working together seamlessly, whether they’re constructing something with Legos or blocks or assisting each other in tasks like setting the table. Convey the love and unity as they jointly tackle a shared objective, capturing the essence of siblings supporting one another. This prompt invites you to celebrate the special bond between siblings, emphasizing the beauty of cooperation, teamwork, and the treasured instances that strengthen their connection. Let your drawing radiate the warmth and affection that arise from the unique camaraderie of brothers and sisters engaged in meaningful, joint endeavors. 

Drawing Prompt #18 – Frosty Friends (Day 18)

Explore the enchanting side of winter wildlife with this delightful prompt. Despite the chilly season, nature teems with adorable animals. Illustrate your favorite winter creature, whether it’s a majestic moose, a fluffy snowshoe rabbit, or a cunning fox. Allow your imagination to roam as you bring to life the charm and resilience of these frosty friends. Capture the essence of their winter habitats and let your drawing evoke the magic of encountering these creatures in the snowy landscapes. 

Drawing Prompt #19 – Cinematic Bliss (Day 19)

Celebrate the joy of movie nights with friends and family in this heartwarming prompt. Picture yourself in a cozy setting, surrounded by loved ones, all sharing the simple pleasure of popcorn and a good film. Illustrate the camaraderie as you enjoy this cherished pastime together, capturing the laughter, shared moments, and the delight of a cinematic experience. Whether you’re drawing a lively scene of friends huddled around a bowl of popcorn or a more intimate family gathering, let your artwork convey the warmth and togetherness that comes with these cinematic occasions. 

Drawing Prompt #20 – Cheese Delight (Day 20)

Indulge in the savory world of cheese with this delectable prompt. Whether you’re a cheese enthusiast or have a particular favorite, let your artistic expression savor the richness of this dairy delight. Draw your preferred type of cheese accompanied by a tempting array of drinks and crackers, creating a mouthwatering scene that captures the pleasure of this culinary experience. Revel in the details, from the textures of the cheese to the arrangement of the accompaniments. Whether it’s a casual snack or an elegant cheese platter, let your drawing celebrate the joy that comes from savoring the flavors and textures of this beloved dairy treat. 

Drawing Prompt #21 – Nimble Explorers (Day 21) 

Embark on an artistic journey featuring the ever-present explorers of your surroundings—squirrels. These agile creatures gracefully traverse their natural habitat, contributing a touch of nature to our daily scenery. Illustrate a squirrel commonly spotted in your area, capturing its nimble movements and unique characteristics. Convey the essence of these spirited explorers, emphasizing their distinctive features as they gracefully coexist in the lively environment. Turn your drawing into a visual celebration of the lively squirrels that add a charming presence to the local landscape. 

Drawing Prompt #22 – Indoor Greenery (Day 22)

Bring the warmth of nature into your artistic realm with this prompt centered around house plants. Despite the cold of January, many plants thrive indoors. Illustrate a house plant you personally care for or one that has caught your eye. Capture the details of its leaves, the way it catches the light, and the container that cradles its roots. Whether it’s a lush green fern or a flowering succulent, let your drawing celebrate the beauty and vitality of indoor greenery. 

Drawing Prompt #23 – Cartoon Creations (Day 23)

Unleash your imagination in this whimsical prompt dedicated to cartoon characters. Whether you opt for your all-time favorite from animated classics or craft a character of your own invention, the key is to revel in the joy of creativity. Approach it with the seriousness or silliness that suits your mood today. Sketch your chosen cartoon character, or let your imagination run wild as you bring a brand-new character to life on paper. 

Drawing Prompt #24 – Brewed Comfort (Day 24)

Indulge in the cozy embrace of your preferred hot beverage with this drawing prompt. Whether you savor the rich warmth of coffee, prefer the soothing notes of tea, or delight in the sweetness of hot cocoa, capture the essence of your favorite hot drink. Illustrate the details of your chosen mug or cup, the steam rising, and the comforting atmosphere that comes with enjoying a cozy beverage. 

Drawing Prompt #25 – Snowfall Serenity (Day 25)

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of freshly fallen snow with this drawing prompt. Envision the landscape transformed into a white wonderland, with snow-covered roads, vehicles, and fluffy snowbanks creating a picturesque scene. Illustrate the tranquility of the winter setting outside your home, capturing the delicate details of snowflakes, the softness of the snow-covered surfaces, and the calm ambiance that follows a recent snowfall. 

Drawing Prompt #26 – Cozy Retreat (Day 26)

Embrace the warmth and comfort of winter with this drawing prompt dedicated to cozy havens. Picture the allure of toasty blankets, the flickering glow of a warm fireplace, or the blissful combination of both. Illustrate the scene that comes to mind when seeking solace on cold winter days and nights. Capture the details of the blankets, the dancing flames, and the snug atmosphere that envelops you in this cozy retreat. Whether you opt for the soothing warmth of blankets, the crackling charm of a fireplace, or the perfect harmony of both, let your drawing evoke the essence of a snug and tranquil winter haven. 

Drawing Prompt #27 – Sled Dog Adventure (Day 27)

Embark on an artistic journey to the northern realms where sled dogs reign supreme. In various cultures, these remarkable canines are harnessed to sleds, creating a unique form of transportation, recreation, and even racing. If you’ve witnessed the thrilling spectacle of sled dog races or simply dream of the experience, draw someone enjoying the exhilarating ride, pulled by a team of spirited sled dogs. Capture the dynamic energy, the snowy trail, and the sheer joy of this traditional and exciting winter activity. 

Drawing Prompt #28 – Pancake Delight (Day 28)

Day 8’s prompt, “Fun Bath Time,” dives into a playful and intimate setting. Drawing a bath time scene invites you to capture the interaction of water with various surfaces, from the soft bubbles to the reflective sheen of wet tiles or bath toys. This subject allows you to explore different textures such as the frothiness of soap, the smoothness of porcelain, and the transparency of water droplets. You might include joyful splashes, floating rubber ducks, or the tranquility of a warm, steamy atmosphere. This prompt not only enhances your ability to portray water and its effects but also encourages a depiction of movement and serenity, making it a delightful and soothing scene to sketch.

Drawing Prompt #29 – Cozy Puzzle Moments (Day 29)

Embrace the warmth of familial bonds during the chilly winter months with this drawing prompt. Capture the serene joy of spending time with friends or family while working on a puzzle. Illustrate the shared moments of focus, collaboration, and relaxation as pieces come together to form a complete picture. Alternatively, unleash your creativity and design a puzzle of your own imagination. 

Drawing Prompt #30 – Snow-Kissed Flora Splendor (Day 30)

Challenge the common perception of winter as a season devoid of visible plant life with this drawing prompt. Explore the beauty of snow-kissed plants that defy the notion of barren landscapes. Whether it’s a beloved hedge, a distinctive tree, or the serene expanse of your front lawn, draw your favorite snow-covered winter greenery. Capture the delicate contrast between the vibrant plant and the pristine snow, bringing to life the enchanting scene that emerges when nature embraces winter. 

Drawing Prompt #31 – Artistic Tribute (Day 31)

Finish off your artistic journey by drawing your own version inspired by a favorite piece of art you love. It could be famous artwork or something from your surroundings. Put your personal spin on it and enjoy the process. Celebrate finding beauty in nature and appreciating the creative expressions of other artists. If you’ve drawn your favorite cartoon character before, try a new pose this time. Have fun wrapping up your drawing challenge! 

Final Thoughts and Encouragement

As we conclude January with 31 days of daily drawing, take a moment to appreciate the moments your artistic journey has encountered.

Through consistent practice, you’ve not only refined your drawing skills but also tapped into your creativity. Your progress is evident, and each prompt has served as a canvas for self-expression.  

Remember, drawing is an activity that brings joy year-round, extending well beyond January. Let these prompts be a continued wellspring of inspiration for your artistic endeavors in the future. So, persist in nurturing your artistic side and letting your imagination radiate on your canvas.

Drawing is about enjoying yourself and expressing your creativity, so keep the creative spirit alive!  

Happy drawing!