Woman practicing drawing using drawing prompts and holding pen with eggs nearby for easter

31 Drawing Prompts for March

Expressing ourselves visually through drawing offers a wonderful means to convey our emotions and thoughts through art. This creative skill is within reach for everyone, and as with any skill, improvement comes with dedicated practice. 

Similar to honing any craft, drawing proficiency develops with regular practice. Daily drawing prompts provide an opportunity to experiment with various techniques, styles, and subjects. Engaging in this ongoing activity not only sharpens your skills but also boosts your confidence in your artistic abilities. Additionally, observing your progress over time can be both motivating and gratifying. 

Pick Your Tools

Before we dive in, let’s consider the tools you might want to use, whether you’re a digital artist or prefer the traditional pen-and-paper approach. 

Regardless of whether you relish the tactile feel of traditional materials or favor the flexibility of digital tools, your choice of supplies will greatly influence your artistic process. 

Working with Digital Tools

At the moment, I use an Apple iPad Air 5th generation with an Apple Pencil, utilizing the free Sketchbook App found on the Apple Store. 

Though I’ve used Wacom Tablets previously, I’ve come to prefer drawing on iPads. Nevertheless, irrespective of the digital tool you opt for, drawing digitally presents numerous benefits compared to traditional methods. 

Benefits of Digital Drawing: 

  • Effortlessly undo and redo actions 
  • Versatile tools for achieving various effects 
  • Layering capabilities to add depth to your work 
  • Ability to zoom in for intricate details 
  • Portable digital studio for creating on-the-go 
  • Potential long-term cost savings 
  • Convenient sharing and distribution of finished pieces 
  • Environmentally conscious approach 
  • Customizable workspace to suit your preferences 
  • Seamless integration with other software 

While I personally favor digital drawing over traditional methods, I acknowledge the tactile appeal of working with paper and pencil. Below, I’ve listed the art materials I relied on for many years prior to making the switch to digital. 

Traditional Drawing Experience 

Throughout my journey, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring an array of traditional drawing tools. While I haven’t had the opportunity to try every brand and tool out there, I’m happy to highlight a selection that I’ve found both dependable and delightful.   

Pens & Pencils
Faber-Castell has continuously stood out to me for its remarkable quality and widespread availability across art supply stores, department stores, and even some office supply outlets. What also earns my appreciation is their product consistency. With Faber-Castell, I can always count on the same level of excellence, time and time again.  

Regarding paper, my preferred option is Strathmore Bristol drawing paper. Its range of sizes and weights consistently fulfills my project needs reliably. You can usually find Strathmore Bristol paper stocked in most art stores, department stores, and office supply shops. 

An eraser is as essential as the pencil itself, yet not all erasers are crafted with the same quality. For the majority of my career, I’ve trusted vinyl dust-free erasers, with Faber-Castell standing out as my preferred brand. While there are various types of erasers available, I recommend experimenting to find what best suits your individual needs. Personally, I’ve found vinyl dust-free erasers to be a dependable and invaluable tool in most of my projects.  

Additional Tools
While not essential, equipment such as rulers, corner instruments, and compasses can offer valuable assistance. However, for those who prefer simplicity, everyday objects like book edges and empty jars can serve similar functions. 

Benefits of Daily Drawing

Just like any hobby, your drawing skill grows with consistent practice. Daily drawing prompts serve as catalysts, urging you to explore new techniques, styles, and subjects. This regular practice aids in honing your skills and strengthening your confidence in your artistic abilities. 

Engaging in daily drawing also offers the opportunity to track your progress meticulously over time, providing both motivation and gratification as you witness your growth. 

While the idea of drawing every day may occasionally feel repetitive or boring, diversifying your topics can inject freshness and significance into the task. 

For added enjoyment, consider documenting your artwork and sharing it on social media. Not only can your creations inspire fellow artists to participate, but it can also be immensely rewarding to observe your progress throughout the month. 

I encourage you to maintain a consistent drawing routine, regardless of any reservations you may have, while also fostering a distinction between your identity and your artistic output. While your art may feel deeply personal, establishing this separation is important for allowing yourself to create with minimal self-judgment, facilitating freedom in your journey of expression and artistic growth. 

Remember, your worth is not contingent upon your art—your artwork merely reflects your current skill level, and you are diligently advancing your skills every day. With this mindset, grant yourself grace, relax, and strive to minimize self-criticism. It’s okay to acknowledge mistakes, but also remind yourself that you are continuously learning and evolving.

Embrace the journey, and let’s embark on our 31 daily prompts tailored for March!

31 Drawing Prompts for the Month of March

Drawing Prompt #1 – Celebrating Success (Day 1) 

To start off this month, let’s have you draw an employer giving an award to an outstanding employee. Imagine the supervisor handing over an award to a team member. Picture the employee’s happy face, being recognized for their hard work. Show the other workers clapping and smiling for their fellow team member. Will there be refreshments afterward? Is there cake or cookies? Draw what comes to your mind. 

Drawing Prompt #2 – Reading Time (Day 2)

Today, imagine a cozy moment where an older woman is engrossed in a book! Picture her sitting comfortably in her favorite chair, completely absorbed in her story. Show the peaceful expression on her face as she reads, surrounded by the warmth of her home. Perhaps she has a companion pet lying on the floor or on the couch next to her as she reads. Draw what you imagine.

Drawing Prompt #3 – Nurse Caring (Day 3)

Imagine a nurse in a clinic, gently trying to calm and reassure a child who is nervous for his routine checkup. She carefully takes their temperature while also smiling and softly speaking to them about how they have been feeling lately. Try to capture the kindness and gentleness of the nurse and also the nervousness of the child. Is the child put at ease by her attempts to calm them, or are they still suspicious of the nurse? Draw this moment and add any extra details that come to your mind.

Drawing Prompt #4 – Learning to Ride (Day 4)

Think of a time when a child is learning to ride a bicycle. Picture the child, with safety helmet on, unconfidently balancing on the bike, guided by a loving adult or older sibling. Capture the determination and excitement in the child’s expression as they pedal forward, taking their first ride. Show the joy on their face as they experience the thrill of independence and freedom on their own bicycle.

Drawing Prompt #5 – Pig pet (Day 5)

Imagine a scene featuring a pig. Whether it’s a cherished pet or a larger pig relaxing in its pen, picture the unique behaviors of the pig and its peaceful presence within its cozy habitat. Capture the individuality and personality of this loving companion, whether it’s enjoying cuddles with its human friends or wallowing contentedly in the mud to cool off on a hot day. Illustrate the happiness and companionship that this pig has with its owners. 

Drawing Prompt #6 – Frisbee Fun (Day 6)

Draw a scene filled with laughter as friends play catch with a frisbee disk. Picture the joy on their faces as they toss the frisbee back and forth, enjoying each other’s company and the thrill of the game. Capture the dynamic movement of the frisbee soaring through the air, with the friends eagerly reaching out to catch it. Show the excitement of the moment, with friends sharing in the fun of this classic outdoor activity. Illustrate the special bond between friends as they create lasting memories together on this sunny day. 

Drawing Prompt #7 – The Mid-Air Catch (Day 7)

Imagine a baseball player leaping into the air to catch a flying ball. Try to capture the speed of the ball and the player’s quick, skillful response as they stretch their body upward to make the catch. Set the scene with the backdrop of a baseball field, or perhaps a backyard during a pickup game of catch among friends. Try to capture the moment of action as the player launches themselves into the air to catch the ball, and the split-second before they grab it with their outstretched baseball glove.

Drawing Prompt #8 – Learning to write (Day 8)

Imagine a young child’s first experience with writing. Picture them seated at a desk, pencil in hand and paper before them. Are they learning to grip the pencil correctly, or painstakingly forming their letters for the first time under the watchful eye of their parent or teacher? Is the child happily learning and excited about the words they’ll write, or frustrated and tired of writing, squirming anxiously in their chair, eager to finish and go play? Capture this moment in your drawing.

Drawing Prompt #9 – Favorite Video Game Character (Day 9)

Do you have a beloved video game or a favorite character from a game? Why not sketch your favorite video game character in an action-packed pose? Whether they’re hurling objects, bravely battling enemies, or exploring a dark cave with bats flying overhead. Draw whatever comes to mind.

Drawing Prompt #10 – Working at Tool Shelf (Day 10)

Draw a tool shelf with various tools placed on top. You might also show tools hanging on hooks behind it for extra organization. Are the tools mainly for woodworking, general handiwork, or mechanic tasks, with some oil and grease around? Sketch what you have in mind, whether it’s clean or has a touch of grease. 

Drawing Prompt #11 – Freshly Baked Bread (Day 11) 

Imagine freshly baked bread, hot from an oven. Think of its golden crust and fluffy top. Try to capture the special moment the baker pulls the bread out of the oven on its tray. Are there customers drooling over the fresh smell of bread or perhaps you are imagining a grandmother pulling the bread out of the oven for family gathering? Draw what you imagine. 

Drawing Prompt #12 – A day in the garden (Day 12)

Consider the unique experiences children have with nature. Imagine a caring guardian teaching a child how to plant a small plant in the ground. Is it still just a seed, or perhaps a small sprout that needed to be relocated to a better area to grow? Imagine the child’s little hands patting down the soil around the plant. Do your best to illustrate this tender moment. 

Drawing Prompt #13 – Fun Tricks with a Furry Friend (Day 13)

Do you have a favorite furry friend whom you love teaching tricks? Capture the heartwarming moments and expressions you and your loyal companion share as you introduce them to a new trick. Are they so familiar with your training routines that they anticipate your next move? Or do they eagerly try to figure out this new trick you’re teaching them, with curiosity and joy written all over their face? Draw what you envision.

Drawing Prompt #14 – Refreshing Rain (Day 14)

It’s a rainy day today, not too heavy, but just enough to need an umbrella and possibly some rain gear. Draw someone, a child or an adult, putting on their rain gear and getting ready to open their umbrella to shelter themselves from the rain. Try to capture the moment of movement. Is it a child wanting to jump in puddles? Is it an elderly person getting ready to go out to buy groceries? What does your imagination show you? 

Drawing Prompt #15 – Photos and accomplishments (Day 15)

You just woke up and are getting ready to drink something out of your refrigerator. Is it decorated with little magnets, photos and possibly report cards and school accomplishments? Draw what you think of when considering this. You can either draw your refrigerator or draw the one you imagine. 

Drawing Prompt #16 – Favorite Shoes (Day 16)

Some people are passionate about fashion, but not everyone is interested in shoes. Even if you aren’t, you might have a pair that feels great, or is just perfect for your needs. Is it a fancy pair of dress shoes? Is it a comfortable pair of sneakers? Or is it a rugged and memory making pair of hiking boots? Draw your own pair of shoes or imagine your own perfect pair of shoes.

Drawing Prompt #17 – Hair Styling Time (Day 17)

Sometimes doing our hair is a chore, other times its enjoyable. Draw someone working on their hair whether they are in a hair salon getting it carefully trimmed, dyed, or permed. Are they calmly trying to curl their hair in preparation for a special event? Are they just doing their nightly routine of brushing their hair before bed? Create a picture showing what you imagine. 

Drawing Prompt #18 – Knitting Nanna (Day 18)

For today, try drawing an elderly woman, lovingly working on knitting a blanket or perhaps sewing a patch. Do your best to capture her peaceful expression as she focuses on her needlework. Is she thinking about who she plans to give the blanket or garment to? Draw what comes to mind in this special moment for her.

Drawing Prompt #19 – Birdie Feeding Time (Day 19)

Imagine a cute little bird who has recently found a treasure trove of fresh seeds laid out on the ground for him, perhaps by some bird-loving people in your local community. Try to think of the moment the bird picks up the seed in its beak, as well as its beautiful feathers and bright eyes. With all the wonderful birds to draw, which one will you choose to draw in your picture? 

Drawing Prompt #20 – On the Farm (Day 20)

Today you wake up to the sound of a rooster crowing in the morning. You look outside your window to see all sorts of wonderful farm animals waiting to meet you and spend time with you today. You see the farmer working diligently caring for all the animals who happily cue, cluck and snort in happiness to see them. What animal are you looking forward to spending time with the most today? Why not draw that animal on the farm? 

Drawing Prompt #21 – Sneezing (Day 21) 

A funny saying in different places in the world is, if you sneeze it means someone is thinking about you. How about you draw someone sneezing? You can draw them sneezing into tissue or making all sorts of funny expressions as they sneeze. What will you create today? 

Drawing Prompt #22 – Honor and achievement (Day 22)

With honor, duty, and service to their nation, soldiers often go above and beyond normal expectations to achieve their mission, usually through self-sacrifice and levels of personal hardship. For this, soldiers will typically earn recognition for their valor and accomplishments. Draw a soldier receiving a medal for his accomplishments. 

Drawing Prompt #23 – Wagon Time Fun in the Sun (Day 23)

Children love playing and one of the many ways a child might enjoy having fun is being pulled along in a wagon. Imagine the bright red color of the wagon and the smile on the child’s face as they hold onto the edge, their smile brimming as they look up at their parent slowly pulling them. As you think of this moment, illustrate what comes to your mind.

Drawing Prompt #24 – Vacation Time (Day 24)

Imagine your personal favorite vacation. What would you do? Where would you go? Would you go to Hawaii and stay in a fancy hotel with a perfect view of the beach where you get to enjoy swimming or even surfing? Or would it be a wonderful snowcapped mountainside where you get to enjoy sledding, skiing, or snowboarding along with hot saunas and spas? Draw yourself in your perfect vacation spot. 

Drawing Prompt #25 – I say potato, you say potato (Day 25)

Imagine a mother peeling potatoes for a family dinner. She fondly considers her family’s personal taste when it comes to how she prepares her potatoes. Does she add milk, butter, extra pepper, or does she gently wash and clean them, only to wrap them in tin foil to bake them in preparation for everyone to apply their own particular preference of toppings, be it bacon, sour cream, or a touch of salsa? Draw what you envision as you think of her in the kitchen preparing her family’s dinner.

Drawing Prompt #26 – A Calming Stream (Day 26)

Streams and rivers are so beautiful, especially in springtime. Think of your own perfect secluded stream or river spot, quietly nestled in the woods, where few people have come across it unless drifting downstream. Are there fish in this stream or river you imagine? Are there little animals like ducks, beavers, or otters swimming in the water, enjoying the wonderful day? As you think about your special stream or river, draw what comes to mind. 

Drawing Prompt #27 – Raspberry Treat (Day 27)

For today why not draw a child setting on the ground eating some raspberries near his or her mother who is harvesting them. Maybe its a comical and loving sight as the mother looks lovingly at her child with their face covered in smooshed raspberries with juice draining down their chin and a big smile on their face. You could even  add the family’s faithful pet companion coming over sniffing and maybe even licking the child’s face helping them clean their face. Illustrate what you imagine. 

Drawing Prompt #28 – Eggs in the Nest (Day 28)

Think of all the beautiful birds you see from day to day. Do you ever see their nests and their little ones hatching from their eggs? Consider a birds nest and the eggs inside, think of how the mother and father have carefully crafted that nest to keep those eggs safely suspended in air. Why not draw that nest on the tree branch with eggs inside. If you feel particularly inspired, you can also add the mother bird nearby or getting ready to rest on top of those eggs to keep them warm. 

Drawing Prompt #29 – Bicycle fun (Day 29)

Many children love riding their bicycles, and it could be seen as a rite of passage for some. The moment they have learned to ride their bicycle is a memory to remember as they mature. Think about a group of young children riding their bicycles. Are they laughing, smiling, or are they facing forward seriously as they aggressively pedal their bicycles, racing their friends to a finish line? Draw what comes to mind.

Drawing Prompt #30 – Easter Bunny (Day 30)

Does the thought of Easter bring thoughts of a magical bunny that brings chocolate treats, or the familiar warmth of family enjoying a wonderfully cooked dinner together? Do you have an Easter egg hunt, or is it more relaxed with grandpa watching sports on your television? What does Easter mean to you? Illustrate the perfect scene that helps describe your Easter holiday.

Drawing Prompt #31 – It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s … (Day 31)

For the last prompt, think of something flying through the air. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it a superhero shouting out a catchphrase? If it’s a bird, what kind is it? Is it flying with other birds in formation? Or is it a fighter jet soaring powerfully through the sky? Consider the sun as it shines on the bird or superhero, or reflects off the metal of the plane. Also, remember the clouds gently floating by on this warm, sunny day. Draw what comes to mind.

Closing Reflections and Words of Encouragement

As we conclude our journey through the 31 days of daily drawing in March, take a moment to reflect on your growth. With each drawing prompt, your skill has grown. 

Through dedication, you’ve not only honed your drawing skills but have also deepend your creative wellspring. Your advancement is evident, with each prompt serving as another avenue for your self-expression. 

Remember, drawing isn’t confined to a single month but can bring joy throughout the year. These drawing prompts can serve as a wellspring of inspiration for your future artistic endeavors. So, continue to nurture your artistic ability and let your creativity flow freely. 

Happy drawing!